The essence
of our flavor

Close your eyes and savor a
fusion experience with all your senses

Feel yourself in the heart of Peru, savoring the best ingredients authentically ours, with the most sophisticated flavors. Enjoy the fusion of cuisine and soul in every dish

Give the gift of a journey to the taste of our land

The essence of our flavor makes us unique

Because we have made the best recipes of Peruvian gastronomy our own, renewing them with a creative and contemporary, sophisticated approach. That’s our essence: pure fusion.The flavor remains, but with our style. A unique personality that we infuse into each of our creations.

At ALMA LIMA, we want to bring you closer to the authentic flavor and essence of Peruvian cuisine

Today, we are in Málaga, facing the beach of La Malagueta. But soon, perhaps, in more corners and places where we can continue sharing the best of what we have: ingredients from our land and creations with respect for tradition and a delightful fusion approach.

This is what they say about us...


Tradition, soul, fusion, flavor

Enjoy Peruvian gastronomy
like never before

Experience authentic Peruvian cuisine
without leaving Málaga